The best reishi in China

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 Unique ecological environment for reishi cultivation

 Excellent climate zone for reishi growing 

 Natural wood-log reishi cultivation

 Using duanwood reishi fruit body

 Only water and alcohol in extraction process

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Read MoreSuperior natural environment for reishi Cultivation.

In China, Reishi was associated with happiness, a good future, good health, longevity and living among the immortals.

Shen nong taste reishi
Reishi in Yongle
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Reishi has a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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Use natural duan wood reishi cultivation

Duanwood reishi cultivation process

Unique ecological environment

Reishi grown in deep forest,far away from pollution sources

We just focus on reishi

Full reishi products

Manufactured under strict GMP and ISO quality Standard

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